The Titans Off-Season Workout Program consists of age-appropriate strength training, yoga for athletes, speed training and baseball training. Our comprehensive program is designed to prepare our athletes for the rigors of the spring baseball season; playing at their optimal level while decreasing the incidence of injury.


Strength Training

Our Titans players get stronger through our GUTS training system (GUTS is an acronym that stands for Ground Up Training System). Regardless the age, ability or activity level of our young ballplayers, our program builds our athletes both physically and mentally and we start “from the ground up” to make that happen.


Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes is for all athletes regardless the sport.  We focus on the whole body, working on flexibility, building core strength, spacial awareness for free movement and focus. The goal is to keep every athlete healthy for the rigors of training and the sport season. Flexibility is needed to reduce the incidence of injury and to increase strength.


Speed Training

Our speed training is designed to help each of our ballplayers reach their speed potential by applying proper running mechanics and technique. The goal is to be fast on the field of play and our speed training class helps get the most out of each athlete’s abilities. Our players do can get faster.

Baseball Training

The goal of the Titans baseball training is to inculcate the proper mechanics and fundamentals into each of our ballplayers. That’s why every aspect of our baseball training has a purpose. Each baseball exercise and drill is intended to engrain proper mechanics so our athletes can simply trust their instincts when the game begins.

  • Pitching

Nathaniel Turner Pitching_Moment.jpg

We put a great deal of emphasis on teaching proper pitching mechanics. In fact, proper mechanics are taught at a very young age, ensuring success on the mound and protecting  the health of our young, developing arms. Through video analysis, we are able to pinpoint flaws in each pitcher’s delivery and work with the pitcher on correcting any biomechanical faults that impede optimal performance and potentially lead to injury.

  • Hitting


The top hitters in the game today employ rotational hitting mechanics, which is the same mechanics we teach our athletes. In physics terms, rotational mechanics consist of rotation around a stationary axis, the batter’s hands take a circular path versus a linear movement to the ball and “torque” is applied from initiation to contact of the baseball.

Through video analysis, we are able to identify flaws in each athlete’s hitting mechanics and, subsequently, utilize various hitting drills to help engrain the proper mechanics necessary to produce optimal energy and transfer this energy from the bat head to the baseball.