Paul and Todd Turner

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul and Todd Turner grew up in a sports-oriented family. As kids, they were always involved in some sports activity regardless of the time of year. Fall was football, winter was basketball or wrestling and spring/summer was baseball. Meals were planned around their sports schedule. Family vacations were planned around their sports schedule. That’s just the way it was.

Todd Turner

Todd Turner

They both had an affinity for the Great American Pastime, sharing a dream of one day playing in the Major Leagues. Though the dream of making it to the big leagues may not have materialized (Todd would jokingly say, “We were one gene away from being 6’ 2” and 230 lbs. and running a 4.4 second forty yard dash. One gene!”), the brothers recognized a calling to share their love and knowledge of the game with others, especially children.

That dedication was instilled in them by their coach, mentor and model: their uncle, Joe Sefa. Joe was an All State athlete who played linebacker and fullback for the University of Oklahoma back in the late ‘50s. However, Joe’s greatest gift was his ability to teach, inspire, motivate and manage young, aspiring athletes. Paul and Todd learned the game inside and out from their Uncle Joe. He taught them the right way to play. And from him, they learned the right way to teach.
After successful sports careers throughout high school, Paul was offered opportunities to play baseball for smaller colleges and Todd went out to Arizona in pursuit of becoming a student athlete. Paul would move on to academia at the University of Michigan and Todd later returned to Michigan to complete his degree at U of M.

Along the way, the boys never lost their passion for sports and working with young athletes. They knew they had inherited a wonderful ability to teach kids all aspects of competitive athletics. They knew they could instill self-confidence and self-esteem in kids with any and all levels of athletic ability.

For the better part of 20 years, the brothers have coached and instructed thousands of young kids from ages 5-17 in local youth and travel baseball programs. In that time, the brothers started a tournament team program called Titans Baseball. The Titans program was designed to provide higher end competition to those aspiring players that showed a serious aptitude for the game.

In 2014, Todd and Paul opened GUTS Training Center, a multifaceted training facility where the Titans players get the best in hitting and pitching instruction and where the Titans teams practice and condition. All of the athletes in the Titans program are videotaped so they can visualize their flaws and better understand the areas to work on to improve their mechanics. The objective for each athlete is twofold; one, optimize the energy they produce in pitching and hitting respectively and, two, decrease the incidence and probability of injury. In the end, the goal for each athlete is to reach their potential and, in doing so, to see how far that potential will take them in the game of baseball.

Both Paul and Todd have an uncanny ability to identify flaws in the pitching delivery and in hitting mechanics. Furthermore, they know how to instill in developing athletes the proper mechanics and fundamentals necessary to succeed on the field of play.

Finally, Paul and Todd are doing what they love — teaching kids the great game of baseball. But, more important than teaching the game of baseball, the brothers are teaching life lessons that will stay with these young players long after they hang up their bat and glove.


"Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too."
Yogi Berra